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Q1. How to make a reservation for shooting?


  1. Click "Book Now" on the official website

  2. YingYi Facebook page  private message

  3. Telephone appointment: (07) 551-1999

  4. Directly go to our photo studio.

(If you did not make a reservation, you might have to wait. )

Please cancel the appointment one day in advance (24 hours before).

It is not possible to cancel on the same day.
Choose your own payment term after making an appointment: line pay / Taiwan pay / online bank self-transfer.
After the payment is completed, please take a photo and attach the file to send it to the mailbox or Facebook page private message to inform.



Q2. Can I pay on-site?

Yes, if there are customers who have booked the same schedule and have paid, you need to wait on the spot.



Q3. What should I do if I want to change the appointment time or appointment items?

You can reply on the appointment confirmation letter, or one day in advance (24 hours before)

Call or send a private message to let us know so that we can re-arrange it for you.



Q4. How long is the shooting time?
  1. The ID photo shooting time is about 15 minutes.

  2. another shooting services, EX: pet photo / image photo / family portrait... etc., depends on various packaging.
    (Welcome to click "Book Now" to select your favorite items for inquiries.)

  3. Korean ID photo, professional makeup takes about 30-40 minutes.

  4. Professional makeup + overall styling takes about 45 to 1 hour.


Q5. How long can I pick up the package?
  1. Part of the ID photo is released. Express: Pick up after 30 minutes Normal: Pick up after 2 hours

  2. Other photography EX: pet photos/image photos/family portraits, etc., depending on various plans (please click "Book Now" to select your favorite plan for inquiries)

  3. If you need to expedite, please let us know in advance so that we can reschedule it for you.



Q6. How to pick up ?

It can be picked up in store or registered by mail.

Note: The shipping cost must be borne by yourself

Q7. Business hours?

Every Monday to Saturday Am 10:00 ~ pm 21:00

On Sundays, only appointments are available, and payment needs to be completed in advance.


Q8. How to check the price list?
  • Please click "Book Now" to view the price and description of each plan

  • If you can’t find the shooting service you need, please call or leave your request on the official website/Facebook fan group.
    There will be someone to serve you.


Q9. Where is the photo studio?

No. 20-2, Linhai 2nd Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City

Take the MRT Xiziwan Exit 1 and look to the right to come to our shop

(You can also check the homepage video at 2:15 )

Q10. Can you provide the original photo before modification?
The original shot photos are not currently available.
Q11. Do you provide clothing rental/makeup service/dressing space?

Clothing rental:
As for ID photo clothing, we currently provide black suit + white shirt basic (S, M, L) clothing.

For the master's degree photos, white-collar and Zhongshan University style bachelor's photos are provided.
All styles can be selected:
Service items → Master series, you can view the styles of the photos, and the clothing of the above works are all provided.

Hairdressing service:
Provide basic makeup and hair services and overall styling (reservation and payment are required one day in advance. When making an online reservation, please leave the correct contact information, and someone will confirm the time with you.)

Dressing space:
There is a dressing table and dressing room in the first place.
★ During the epidemic, we will cooperate with epidemic prevention and do not provide toilets. Please forgive me. ★

Q12. How long will the electronic files of the photographs be kept in the store?

The original electronic files and refined electronic files taken by Film Art Photography will be stored for one year from the day of shooting.
★ From the day of shooting ~ within one year, you can request the official customer service for the photo electronic files and wash the photos.
(If you choose a CD, if you lose the CD, you will need to pay the cost of reclaiming it.)
★ Photos older than one year from the day of shooting will be completely deleted without being backed up.

Q13. What is the difference between Korean-style intensive ID photo and general ID photo?

The ID photo part is mainly divided into the following two ways:

  1. Portrait retouching and adjustments After the shooting is completed, there will be communication on the spot to understand the parts that need to be retouched, and the retoucher will directly make adjustments by themselves.
    (The retoucher has more than 40 years of portrait retouching experience, but if there are multiple adjustments or if you want to confirm whether it meets personal preferences, you can change to a refined ID photo.)

  2. "Satisfaction Guaranteed" Retouching and Adjustments. Communicate with the finishing technicians through the fan page of the film art fan or email. The number of times is limited to three times. The photos will be printed out and placed on the counter after confirmation.

Q14. What is the difference between shadow art photography and portrait photography?

Photography part

Taken by Xu Qichuan, a photography teacher with more than 40 years of portrait photography experience,

With professional lighting and posture adjustments, the competition-level photography works are presented,

No matter it is the butterfly light, apple light and other lighting modes, it is not a problem.

It is guaranteed that there will be no horrible light or uneven color, allowing guests to test different levels of photography.

In the retouching section

Pay attention to nature and aesthetics, and will not use rough techniques.

For example: symmetrically copy and paste the pattern or copy and shape the pattern.

In the makeup section

By cooperating with professional hairdressers in the industry, the quality of photos can be improved.

Q15. Is there a parking lot next to Film Art Photography?

The adjacent car parking lot is located at:

Public parking lot in Nangushan

No. 6, Linhai 2nd Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, 804

07 229 9825

Gushan Elementary School

Kaohsiung Gushan Elementary School

No. 50, Linhai 2nd Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, 804

07 521 7795

Locomotive parking 塲-

It can be directly in front of the Yingyi Photography Company, and only provides temporary parking spaces for motorcycles.

Q16. What to wear for shooting?

Unless there are company regulations or other IDs to wear according to strict standards,
If there is no strong requirement for general documents, but if you want to show a good-looking document photo,

You can choose the clothes that suit you and are well-dressed.

If you want to wear clothes with a collar, please choose a "hard collar" which is easier to be symmetrical.
If you don't want to look fat, striped and plaid tops are not recommended.

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