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影藝攝影-高雄學碩士照系列-書底 學士團體紀念照

Graduation Photography

 Photo Series
(ID photo, personal portrait photo, group photo)

Professional portrait for special you

We are very close to NSYSU University, and we have been in business for 40 years.

Watching the season of phoenix blossoms, round after round,

We have a lot of clients from student -> Working life -> being parents -> being grandparents.

The time is faster , and our photo studio  will keep accompany you .

Photography part:

With professional lighting and posture adjustments,

Capture expressions quickly and accurately, and avoid unnatural and rigid images.

No matter it is the butterfly light, apple light and other lighting modes, it is not a problem.

Let guests test different levels of photography.

In the makeup and hair service part:

By cooperating with professional hairdressers in the industry,Delicate technique, according to the customer’s favorite and comfortable service,

Take the photo  to the next level.

影藝攝影-專業妝髮與造型-高雄照相館- 特寫yingyi photo studi
影藝攝影-專人專業妝髮與整體造型-高雄照相館-yingyi photo stud
影藝攝影-專業妝髮與整體造型-高雄照相館-yingyi photo studio
西子灣影藝攝影-專業妝髮與整體造型-高雄照相館-yingyi photo stu
影藝攝影-專業妝髮與造型-高雄照相館-yingyi photo studio-p
影藝攝影-專業妝髮與造型-高雄照相館-化妝台-yingyi photo stud

In the photo portrait retouching part:

We focus on nature and beauty retouching,

We don't produce the over edition photo.

EX: symmetrically copy and paste the pattern or copy and shape the pattern,

It will not be what we are doing in our professional.


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graduation photos series