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The pursuit of the ultimate in beauty requires accumulation of experience and patient communication.

With many years of experience in portrait photography and photo refining and adjustment, I finally cooperated with professional makeup artists in the industry this time.

Provide professional makeup and hair services .

I like friends who have more makeup and beauty in the photos,

Welcome to make an appointment with Yingyi Photography.

影藝攝影-專業妝髮與整體造型-高雄照相館-yingyi photo studio

Professional makeup service

Kaohsiung Professional Hairdressing Service

影藝攝影-專業妝髮與造型-高雄照相館-化妝台-yingyi photo stud

Shadow Art Photography-Self Dressing Table

​Provide basic combing and finishing tools for free

💝Free suit and white shirt costume use

💝Experienced makeup artist-customized professional makeup and styling

💝Professional photography and studio

💝Exquisite portrait retouching, one-to-one online adjustment

Self dressing table:

Through the Internet or telephone booking,

Also welcome to the site to sort out by yourself.

Professional makeup and hair services:

​If you need to make an appointment 24 hours a day in advance and complete the payment,

During this period, someone will contact you and confirm the time.

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